Please, Read our Frequently Asked Questions carefully. We think it gives you best solution for purchasing our service and it helps you get the required information. If you have more questions about our service, contact us immediately.

General Questions

Do i get any warranty from Best Social Plan?

Yes! We give you free replacement warranty when likes and followers drop or disappear from your profile or website.

Is it necessary to give my password?

We don’t need your login access or password; we need only your username and URLs.

What are the benefits of this service?

Taking this service you can achieve your goats easily. increases your fans and followers swiftly that raises your business at the zenith of success. You can obtain high position in the Social Media.

Do I get a money back guarantee?

We give you a 100% money-back guarantee in regard of our incomplete work.

Is this service safe to use?

These services are totally safe as it has no negative impact on your account.

Facebook Questions

Are these Facebook likes drops in future?

Our Facebook Likes are free from drops off if any case 1% to 2% Likes drops, we will repair it with freecharge.

Are these Facebook likes drops in future?

Our Facebook Likes are free from drops off if any case 1% to 2% Likes drops, we will repair it with freecharge. 

Does Best Social Plan provide real Facebook likes?

All of these Facebook Likes are real as we provide you it from human user.

How do you supply us Facebook Likes?

We will promote your Facebook fan page. When your fixed work will complete then we stop our activity spontaneously.

Is this safe to use on Facebook?

This is totally safe to using. Because of its your Facebook account never ban. 

Twitter Questions

How many Twitter followers can you supply per day?

We supply 500-1000 followers per day until our work completion. 

Do you want to access of my Twitter account?

We need only your Twitter username or URLs.

Will my Twitter account suspend for your service?

Your account will never suspend for our service.

Will Twitter Followers drop in future?

As we provide you real Twitter followers it will not drop at future. If it happens for any reason, we replace it without any charge.

Are these Twitter Followers real?

All of the Twitter Followers are real human being that we provide you starkly white hat method.

Instagram Questions

Do you provide real Instagram Followers and Likes?

We will provide you 100% real Instagram Followers and Likes as we provide human Instagrammer.

Will these Instagram Followers and Likes drop in future

All of the Instagram Followers and Likes are real that’s why these will not drop from your profile.

What are the benefits of this for my profile?

This will help to get more Likes and Comments. It will brings popularity of yours profile in short time.

Are these instagram Followers guaranteed?

These instagram Followers are guaranteed because it will not drop or disappear from your profile. Besides, it never ban or damage of your profile.

When will I see the results of your work?

After giving order to us, you will see the results within 12-24 hours.

Youtube Questions

How much time you take for my views to start?

We will start our work within 6-12 hours but views show up on your video after 24 hours. We want to notify that YouTube does not allow it instantly.

Will my account be suspended or closed for your service?

Our service is entirely safe to use in YouTube for our service your account will never be suspended or closed.

Are your YouTube views harmful for my AdSense Campaigns?

Our YouTube views are not the least harmful for your AdSense. You can take views from us without any confusion.

How do you provide the YouTube views?

We provide the YouTube views using white hat method. We never use any bots or proxy.

What are the advantages of your service?

For our service you will get more likes and comments and it will enlarge your video’s popularity.

Pinterest Questions

Are these real Pinterest followers?

All of the followers are 100% real as we provide these from human Pinterest users.

What are the benefits of buying Pinterest Followers?

From buying Pinterest followers you can get more likes and repins. It will enhance your photo’s popularity.

Do I get any guarantee?

We give you free replacement guaranty if Pinterest followers drop or disappear.

Is it safe to use on Pinterest?

it is totally safe to use on Pinterest because these Pinterest followers have not negative aspects.

How much time you take to complete?

We take only 5-7 days to complete your work but if it big orders we need 12-15 days. We are punctual to our work.

Google Questions

Are these Google Plus Followers real?

All of these Google plus Followers are real. We give these Google plus Followers from standard source.

Do you give any of the packages instant result?

Usually we start our work within 6-12 hours. We always try to give you fast service.

How do you satisfy me?

Providing more real and non-drop Followers we boom your business. We also improve your website ranking.

Is it safe to use on Google ?

Our service has no negative impact to use on Google Plus. There is no need to be worried about your safety.

Is there any differentiate Google plus followers in the term of profile or page?

There is no difference between profile or page to provide Google Plus Followers. We provide Followers in the same process.